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Happy spring everyone! Man, this winter was pretty great overall. I worked on so many cool projects as well as my son, Cole was born. Definitely a winter to remember. Anyway, here are some highlights of projects I worked on this winter.

Madonna: Pretty stoked I was asked to mix a remix track of Madonna’s “Ray Of Light.” The remix was originally done on 2″ tape back in 1998 and was super cool to work on.

The Early November: I also wrapped up mixing 6 tracks off the new The Early November record, “Imbue” which is due out 5/12/15 via Rise Records. Really happy with the tracks I worked on and am stoked for all to hear it. You can check out the first tune, which I mixed, entitled “Narrow Mouth” right here!

Janina Gavankar: Last but not least, I had the great pleasure of working with Janina Gavankar (True Blood, The League, Mysteries of Laura) and The Jersey Surf World Class Drum Corps for Janina’s latest EDM meets Drum Corps remix of the Martin Garrix track “Don’t Look Down.” The track was released today and I engineered the sessions recording the whole battery drum line as well as all the brass for the track at the studio. A truly amazing project as well as a project for a great cause! Janina, is doing her part in raising awareness for arts education in our schools. As music programs and their funding are diminishing all over the country, Janina felt it right to feature her love of Drum Corps as a remix for this track. I support this so much and was flattered to be asked to be part of it! Kudos to everyone involved! You can check out the track and video below…and remember..everything is better if you #JustAddDrumCorps. Enjoy spring everyone!

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