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My Band Is Interested In Having You Produce/Engineer/Mix Our Record. How Do We Go About Doing This?
First, it is best to contact my management on the contact page for my scheduling and availability.  I also like to speak with the band to talk about the project and hear some demos. At that point, we can discuss what you guys are looking for in your record so I can get a feel for the project overall.

How Far In Advance Are You Normally Booked Out?
I am typically booked about 3-4 months in advance.

How Should We Prep Our Files To Send To You For Mixing?
This is a great question as well as an important one.  Please contact me for the list of specifics.

What Should We Do To Prepare Ourselves For Recording?
Practice! The more prepared you are the better and smoother the process will go. This will give us more time to work on ideas and experiment to make the record the best it can be. Drummers, make sure you practice to a click track and guitarists, make sure all your guitars are properly set up before coming into the studio. Make sure you have plenty of extra sticks, strings and picks as well.

Do You Do Session Drum Work For Bands?
Of course! If you are interested in having me do studio drum work on your record contact me and we can discuss it.

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