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I can’t believe the holidays are already among us here. It’s been an amazing summer and fall for me here. Very humbled and thankful for the amazing year I had working with some amazing artists! Here are some highlights on the summer and fall:

Jennifer Rostock: I had the great pleasure of producing, engineering and mixing the new Jennifer Rostock record for Warner Music for pretty much this whole summer. I am listening back now to the mastered files and am blown away by the amazing work we all did on this! Such amazing friends and musicians! Can’t wait for everyone to hear it! Album drops in January 2014! Here is the latest single to check out!

Trophy Scars: Super stoked to have finished up the new Trophy Scars record, Holy Vacants, this fall. So stoked on this record! Having worked with this band now for 10 years I can honestly say that this record is their best! So much to be stoked about on this. Is was also an amazing because we mastered for three formats (CD, iTunes, Vinyl). WE didn’t just use the same master for each format. Each format was mastered and optimized on it’s own for the best listening experience. So stoked on that!!! It is due out next spring. Expect to be blown away! You can check out this sample.

Lauren Marsh: I just begun working on some new tunes for the great Lauren Marsh! Really excited about this! We just wrapped up a new single which is called “Stranger” that you can check out here. Expect great things from Lauren. Check this out!

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